Turn buyers into loyal customers

bonusbox has a proven track record in helping merchants build and maintain long-lasting and beneficial relationships with their customers

bonusbox is the leading online loyalty program with 4 million users and 1,200 active partner shops

Seamless integration,
quick returns

Our customer retention platform increases your customers' basket values and promotes repeat buying – all this at low order returns

  • +20%

    Increase basket values

  • +12%

    Increase purchase rates

  • -4%

    Reduce order returns

  • Increase brand awareness

bonusbox can be integrated seamlessly into your online shop – no technical effort is required

“It is increasingly important in the sale of emotional products to incorporate Social Media in the process. Bonusbox offers the perfect way to improve the link between online shops and Facebook.”

Robert Rudnick, Coffee Circle

“I found bonusbox to be the ideal way to retain clients and lower acquisition costs. Having the possibility to tailor product suggestions for individual customers is not only beneficial for my business but also ensures a better shopping experience for the customer.”

Sebastian Sujka, Brain Effect

“Using Facebook to gain customers is always challenging as one can’t view the conversion rate. Bonusbox’s analysis function goes a long way to solve this and enhance understanding of consumer dynamics.”

Moritz Offeney, Scarosso

  • Robert Rudnick

    Coffee Circle

  • Sebastian Sujka

    Brain Effect

  • Moritz Offeney


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